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December 20, 2012

They are the reason why i am happy today! :) the party was a little bit boring but whatever i’m with my buddies a while ago! we went to our house to watch YON 2 but… Castro fell asleep lol after then movie we went for a food-trip in our clubhouse, then went to playground. Hooraay for today! :D They are the bestest <33

i’ve already find my mate! <3

Haluu Happy feet! :* jokejoke dunno what to name to this penguin :(( welp!!

Yumyumyum :’) went to red mango awhile ago, my first time huhu cool ko ba :( =))) Thanks for the treat princess! ;)

Hooray for today!!

  @ chubby chicken a while ago! Meet our epic faces bwahaha with esay the whole day hooray for today! :) :) Today was so special and memorable, The most awaited day is finally here ;) 

Hardwork and Achievement! :)

Made some munchkins with castro for cheverlaloo wahaha :) :) Yey tagumpay ang ating masterpeice mabuhay!! :D

Reward, yahoo! ;)

After all the ADVENTURE we had, it’s time for a reward a star milkshake!! :) because we survived!! nyahahaha :) :) Super tired and thirsty but it was fun and worth it! :bd

Adventure time part two :)

Weee first time to ride a bus with a friend and it was with trizia again, so many first time with my buddy!!! :( :) super nikabahan kami but it was fun! :D 


December 1, 2012

Unexpected plans for today, hooray! nagpasama si castro saakin kay na venn para dalin yung mga stuffs niya dahil good friend ako hinelp at sinamahan ko siya so… we’re suppose to go to venn’s salon to bring her things pero wala na pala siya sa salon so sabi niya nasa trinoma daw siya we was like “SHIZZZ -___- NAKAKAASAR!!” Super hindi kami familiar sa lugar at sa mga sasakyan namin papunta dun, so sabi namin “HAY BAHALA NA! :(” and dahil hindi kami familiar sa mall na yun and sa place na yun di namin alam saan kami mapupunta. When we was walking around the supermarket we saw santa claus, syempre nag papicture kami HAHAHAHA :) :) even though we’re so TIRED AND THIRSTY nagawa namin yan.  So from katips to alimall then walk ng napakahaba then to the bus to trinoma then bus again the katips then star’s tas GO HOME. Hay it was fun!! super adventure time today! :) Another day with my buddy, really had fun with this girl, loveyou! and Thankyou! >:)<

The best buddy ever! ;)

November 30, 2012

Bonding with buddy awhile ago plus we had some brunch at home horaaay!! i super duper ultra mega as in missed you so much!!! :( :( >:D< the first photo booth picture was a month ago tas yung second was awhile ago.. You’ve changed alot physically and emotionally… :( :) binata na! LOL =))) even tho you’ve changed alot, you’re still my best buddy forever! :> I still love ya! ;) mag aral tayong mabuti wahaha! mwamwa :* bonding agen soon, ekey? 

 was with esay awhile ago! :)

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